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Community Reinvestment ACT (CRA)


For more than 20 years...


Quantum National Bank has been focused on serving the broad needs of the communities we serve. We are particularly sensitive to the needs of the low- and moderate-income areas in our service area. Among the steps we regularly take to support those communities are:

  • Regular financial literacy classes in local schools and non-profit organizations (North Gwinnett HS, Lanier HS, Dresden Elementary School, Rainbow Village) to help students learn to successfully manage their money and credit;
  • Offering loan products that encourage investment and rehabilitation of housing for these economic groups;
  • Working to uncover additional needs of this segment of our community and develop products and services that will meet those needs;
  • Participating in community events and projects designed to reach all segments of the community and let them know of the services we offer;
  • Encourage our employees to volunteer for projects that fill these needs and that provide personal reward to our team members.

Quantum National Bank is committed to serving the credit needs of the community in which we do business.  It is our policy to try to respond to all credit worthy segments of our market.  We believe that doing so is basic to good business practice and to the bank’s own long-term vitality.  In pursuing this commitment, we will assure that we comply with the letter and spirit of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA.)  We recognize that this will require us to take a proactive, rather than passive approach to determining community needs, including those of creditworthy low and moderate income areas and individuals.


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