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Commercial Lending

Commercial Lending

Commercial Team July 2021

Quantum National Bank offers a team of experienced lenders, ready to answer any questions you may have on your way to growing your business. We offer many types of loans for your small business needs, including lines of credit, equipment financing or property expansion or acquisition.

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Brad Day

Brad Day

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John Bramblett

Eric Walker

Eric Walker

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Doug Fountain

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Alex Roach

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Mike Jones

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Vaishali Joshi

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Margaret Fogarty

Nate Umberg

Nate Umberg

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate lending is one of our primary areas of expertise. Our entire team of lenders is experienced in developing a solid understanding of each opportunity. We will work with you to structure a competitive, innovative financing solution that is just right for your particular situation and opportunity.

Our products include loans for:

Our key investor and owner-occupied opportunities are:

  • Acquisition and refinance of commercial real estate
  • Permanent financing using mini-permanent loan structure

Affordability Analysis Worksheet

Click here for a customizable analysis designed to help you determine the payments on that property you’ve been dreaming about.

Owner-Occupied Properties

For over 25 years, we have been committed to serving the needs of our owner-managed business customers. More and more of these customers are realizing that it can be a wise decision to own the facilities they occupy and we are ready to provide financing to help you realize that dream. We work with our customers to develop a financing package specifically designed to meet your unique needs and maximize the value of your real estate investment.

Our specific industry experience includes:

  • Single or multi-tenant office/warehouse buildings
  • Owner-operated franchise motels
  • Owner-operated convenience stores
  • Medical facilities
  • Owner-occupied retail centers

Investor Properties

We also work with investors to provide a full range of financing options for income-producing properties.

Our experience includes:

  • Multi-family residential
  • Retail centers
  • Multi-tenant office/warehouse buildings
  • Other income producing properties

Business Lending

As small business people ourselves, we understand that growing businesses need capital to achieve their potential. Our highly-trained and experienced loan officers are encouraged to get to know your business and work to develop a clear understanding of your goals and strategies so they can offer lending solutions that will truly meet your needs.

We offer flexible terms and competitive rates on a variety of debt alternatives including:

  • Lines of credit – A revolving line of credit is a small business essential. Use it to manage cash flow by financing short-term capital needs such as inventory, accounts receivable or seasonal needs. With a line of credit, you may borrow, repay and borrow again as your needs change.
  • Term loans – Term loans are most often used to finance fixed-asset purchases for items such as equipment, vehicles and furniture. Term loans can also be used to finance permanent working capital or for buying, improving or refinancing commercial assets.
  • SBA Loans – Quantum National Bank is one of Georgia’s SBA Preferred Lenders. Click here for full details on our outstanding SBA options.

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