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Positive Pay helps your business stay ahead of fraud with check fraud prevention. Protect your checking account by getting ahead of stolen and unauthorized check payments.

Check Fraud Prevention with Positive Pay

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Positive Pay is an easy way to protect your bank accounts against check fraud. Check fraud is the illegal use of checks in which a person attempts to make a purchase using a fake, stolen or altered check. With Positive Pay, unauthorized checks associated with your bank account are flagged for your review to help prevent fraudulent account activity.

Positive Pay is a feature of our online cash management suite for businesses. To protect your account from check fraud, authorize all official check payments you write by entering the check number and the amount of the check into Positive Pay. Positive Pay compares this information with written checks that are later presented as payment. If the check item can be verified in Positive Pay, the item is paid; however, if it’s not verified in Positive Pay, the check will be flagged for your review before it is paid and posted to your account. It’s as simple as that!


Click to play video and learn more about Positive Pay and our online business banking suite:

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