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Cash Management Services

Quantum National Bank offers a full range of services to help business owners manage their money.  We can create solutions customized to the unique needs of your business.

ACH Origination

Pay your suppliers and other vendors electronically through the internet using the Automated Electronic Clearing House (ACH).  With prior written agreement, you may also transfer funds between banks.

Payroll Deposit

Deposit your employees’ net pay directly into their personal accounts at any institution, allowing them faster access to their money without having to leave the office to go to the bank.

Check Images

View images of checks paid on a variety of accounts.

Transfer Funds

Transfer funds between your Quantum National Bank accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Stop Payments

Originate a stop payment request at any time, day or night.

Download History

Download a current statement of activity to quickly and efficiently reconcile your accounts.  Many accounting programs interface directly with Quantum’s internet banking, including QuickBooks and Quicken.  Click here for instructions to download your information into QuickBooks.

Sweep Accounts - Click here for Temporary FDIC Insurance Changes 

Sweep balances from your different Quantum National Bank accounts.

Click on our Cash Management Calculator to see how switching to Quantum National Bank might benefit your business.  (NOTE:  You must click on  the "Enable Macros" button at the top of the worksheet to use this calculator.)

To find out how easily we can create a program designed specifically for you, call one of our Cash Management experts.

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